Peter (柯益友) (peterintaiwan) wrote,
Peter (柯益友)

Pedagogical Update

I attend the oldest (and I presume) largest Chinese Language Training program in the world. They use a text (Practical Audio-Visual Chinese) that they developed and it is the de facto text here in Taiwan. All the other language training centers use it. After being around for a while, they have decided to change it a little bit. Not much, but in a practical way.

Currently it comes in 4 volumes (Book 1, Book 2 Down, Book 2 Up, and Book 3). While I am in Book one, I will not finish book one this semester. It has 25 chapters and I will only end at Chapter 11. Next semester (presuming I place in the next class) I will start at Chapter 12 and go through Chapter 21 (or so). The next class starts at Chapter 22, finishes the book and then goes on to Book 2 down. The next book is book 2 up and then book 3

Starting next month the books will be changes and made into 5 books. They will go along with the way the classes are taught at school. I can still use the textbook I bought because they have not changed the content at all (except for some corrections I believe). I am excited to see the new books. It makes more sense to me.

I have picked up the form for private tutoring (2 hours a week) at school in addition to my regular class. I have to wait to see how I do on the end of the semester placement test before I can register for the class and the tutoring. The private tutoring is expensive so thats why I will only do 2 hours a week. I have talked to people who have said the one on one is very helpful. Based on how I think I have done this semester I think I need it.
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