Peter (柯益友) (peterintaiwan) wrote,
Peter (柯益友)

Going Home

I will be leaving Taiwan on November 23. Nothing bad happened. Nothing traumatic.

I just had a realization today that I need to go home. I was sitting at school doing my Homework and had a realization that I need to come home. It was clear. It was direct. It is what I need to do. And it made me so happy.

I packed my books and hopped on the bus and then literally ran home to call my parents.

I do not expect people to fully understand. Some will be confused (I know my roommates are) but I know this is what I need to do.

I might be back. I don't know. But for whatever the reason I need to go. And so I will be packing my things, settling all my affairs and going back home. I am happy that I have been in Taiwan. I have met many great people. I have made many great friends who I care about deeply. I have seen some awesome things. But deep down I think I have been unhappy for a while. I truly think I have been forcing myself to stay here. Things are going well for me, so it is an odd time to leave, but I learned a long time ago to listen to the voice that tells you to do things. And so I am taking a leap of faith and doing that.

I am not a person who does things randomly. I am a person who makes deliberate and well thought out decisions. So the thought of buying a plane ticket to go home less than 30 minutes after having the thought, is not typical me. I feel like this is what I need to do and so I am doing it. I have faith it will work out. I have faith it is what I need to do.
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