Peter (柯益友) (peterintaiwan) wrote,
Peter (柯益友)


The last few days my lower back has been hurting. I was thinking of what to call the pain and decided that "flank pain" was a good name. So I googled it just to see what the vast wisdom of the internets said.

Kidney Stones.
Urinary Tract Infection.

Being as my father and brother both have a history of the first I decided to go to the doctor today. The X-Ray and the Ultrasound were both clear. So the Urologist had me see a regular doctor who said it was probably just a strained muscle (most likely from the crazy bus drivers I think) and he gave me a muscle relaxer and some advice. So I should be ok.

However, rather funny thing happened while I was waiting for my X-Ray. They called out the name of the next people:

"Mister Li" 林先生
"Mister Chen" 陳先生
"Mister Huang"黃先生

And then...

"Foreigner". 外國人

Yes. Literally that is what was said. I had to laugh and smile.
Tags: funny, taipei

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