Peter (柯益友) (peterintaiwan) wrote,
Peter (柯益友)

"Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything"

Mr. Miyagi says that to Daniel in the "Karate Kid" [see the YouTube clip]. I didn't catch a fly, but something interesting did happen the other day.

Sitting outside of school I was putting some lead in my mechanical pencil and my eraser fell off the table and under the metal umbrella stand underneath. I could see the eraser but neither me nor my friend could get it with our grubby fingers.

Another friend was sitting next to us and said, "Would a pair of Chopsticks work?"

He handed them to me, and I deftly used my mad-phat skills and yes, I captured the eraser and retrieved it in one fell swoop.

Props to me. My Chinese may suck, but damn I am good with those chopsticks.
Tags: taipei
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